Client Success Leader

Mediterranean / Western Europe / Nordics / UK / Central Europe / Middle East / Africa /US / Latin America, Luxembourg

Bitstamp, the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange, is looking for a 

Client Success Leader 

Office Location: Remote/TBD

Potential Coverage Areas: Mediterranean / Western Europe / Nordics / UK / Central Europe /Middle East / Africa / USA / Latin America / Asia-Pacific.

You’re fairly certain that the term crypto finance does not imply there’s a stack of money somewhere in the catacombs. You’re also aware of the fact that the terms crypto and crypt have absolutely nothing in common. In fact, you’re very certain that the blockchain is the future foundation of the financial world.

You’re also someone who would help a lost hiker. You would point them in the right direction, cut branches with your machete and give them a boost climbing rocks. While pulling them out the quicksand, you’d also listen to their other daily problems, and before you know it, you’re both at the top, and your client, sorry, hiker, is an accomplished and successful person.

The Position

You’ll start perceiving Bitstamp as the crypto exchange of choice for any and all prospective and current institutional clients. You’ll use your well-spoken and articulate, and most of the time well-dressed disposition to create and maintain a network of individuals working for companies that are in some way related to crypto finance. And they’ll like you. Because you help those puppies.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Find a way to achieve both ours and clients’ goals;
  • Be the Sales executive’s and BD Associate’s wing person: schedule client meetings, prep sales presentations, manage contract signings etc.;
  • Get to know and develop healthy relationships with Bitstamp’s account partners – act as the mediator between company and client, facilitating two-way communication;
  • Identify new sales opportunities, up and cross sell within existing accounts;
  • Generate sales and contribute towards the company’s sales target;
  • Liaise with the Customer Service, Product Development and Sales teams, as well as any other staff working on the account. All to communicate the client’s expectations and ensure their success;
  • Establish budgets with the client and Bitstamp – includes forecasting and tracking important metrics;
  • Prepare reports on sales and account status.

Your personal traits:

  • Patience: Especially to cater the wide spectre of clients’ characters and needs;
  • Empathy: Your clients will have problems, and to some extent you’ll make it your own;
  • Seeing the big picture: You realize the impact crypto is having and will have on practically all aspects of the world of tomorrow;
  • Outspoken (in a nice way) and positive: You’re having fun doing things. That fun is usually contagious, so the whole Sales team is having fun. While delivering results, of course.

Your sales commission is earned by you, your regional and the global sales team. We are a hive mind sales team, that’s why team work is of absolute importance.

If you’re drawn to everything written above, we encourage you to learn more about us. We have a few questions prepared once you click Apply, so we can see if we’re even remotely compatible from the start.

About Bitstamp

Bitstamp started in a garage with two laptops, a server and an unwavering belief that cryptocurrency was going to revolutionize finance. That was in 2011, just two years after the launch of Bitcoin.

Today, Bitstamp is Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and a cornerstone of the global crypto market. Over four million individuals and financial institutions have placed their trust in us, because we’ve continuously proven to be stable, reliable and committed to long-term growth. We focus on quality and don’t take shortcuts – in business or when it comes to our team.

We have become the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange by building a talented team of people who enjoy working together and are dedicated to supporting each other’s growth. Looking back is great, especially when learning from our mistakes, but we all have our sights set to the horizon. This is your invitation to join that team.

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