Senior Institutional Sales Lead

Mediterranean / Western Europe / Nordics / UK / Central Europe / Middle East / Africa /USA / Latin America, Luxembourg

Bitstamp, the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange, is looking for a 

Senior Institutional Sales Lead

Office Location: Remote / TBD

Potential Coverage Areas: Mediterranean / Western Europe / Nordics / UK / Central Europe / Middle East / Africa / USA

You are a hunter. The first thing in the morning, you head to the woods, catch that bison and bring it back home.  While doing all of that, you’re thinking about how the blockchain is the future foundation of the financial world, and what an impact it’s going to have on all monetary institutions. You can’t keep yourself from pondering about all those highly respected acquaintances of yours in the crypto world, and how you’ve been meaning to call them. Go ahead, call them. While working for Bitstamp, of course.   

The Position 

You’ll finally be able to put your bison-hunting skills to another good use. You’ll show why Bitstamp is the crypto exchange of choice for any and all prospective institutional clients, and reel them in. You’ll build and maintain your reputation as the number one contact for many top financial executives who wake up in the morning with crypto on their mind. And make uncapped money as you widen the revenue pipe for the company.

What you’ll be doing: 

In the first 2 months: 

  • Learn all about Bitstamp’s product offering and nitty gritty of all things included; 
  • Appropriately adjust the pricing strategy you’ll be using; 
  • Input to our GTM; 
  • Input on how to improve the sales positioning and messaging and adjust the approach toward the target list; 
  • Add your own suggestions to the list of prospecting partners; 
  • Determine your sales target, KPI’s, and the strategy to surpass them all.  


  • Industrialise and mature the proposal management, forecasting, pitching and contracting to deliver large figure contracts; 
  • Play nice with internal teams and build lasting relationships with your teammates; 
  • Identify and execute sales campaigns from a targeted prospect list; 
  • Bring aboard your expertise and executive network from an institutional financial services channel – fintech, hedge funds, family offices, traders, brokers or anyone who you determine could be a potential partner. 

Your personal traits: 

  • Patience: Especially to cater the wide spectre of potential clients’ characters and needs; 
  • Well-spoken demeanour: The clientele you’ll be working with will probably have the same trait; 
  • Unquestionable conduct: Your presentation to the outer world is of utmost importance as you represent Bitstamp; 
  • Seeing the big picture: You realize the impact crypto is having and will have on practically all aspects of the world of tomorrow; 
  • Outspoken (in a nice way) and positive: You’re having fun doing things. That fun is usually contagious, so the whole Sales team is having fun. While delivering results, of course;  
  • Sadly, you’ll have to hunt for bison in your spare time, we don’t have those at the office. We have an occasional dog, though. 

Do keep in mind that the crypto market is 24/7. You’re free to manage your own time as you see fit, and we’ll measure the outcomes. There’ll be lots of socializing, networking at industry events, and dining with prospective clients. How many, when, where is your call.  

You’ll be representing Bitstamp to the full extend. Clients speaking to you speak to Bitstamp.  

If all of the above creates a tingling sensation in all the right places, we suggest you do a little research on Bistamp. We have a few questions prepared once you click Apply, so we can see from the start if we’re even remotely compatible. 

About Bitstamp 

Bitstamp started in a garage with two laptops, a server and an unwavering belief that cryptocurrency was going to revolutionize finance. That was in 2011, just two years after the launch of Bitcoin.  

Today, Bitstamp is Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and a cornerstone of the global crypto market. Over four million individuals and financial institutions have placed their trust in us, because we’ve continuously proven to be stable, reliable and committed to long-term growth. We focus on quality and don’t take shortcuts – in business or when it comes to our team. 

We have become the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange by building a talented team of people who enjoy working together and are dedicated to supporting each other’s growth. This is your invitation to join that team. 

Click here for more information on our culture, mission and benefits. 

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